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Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777 Review

Are you in need of a great fencing for your dogs? If so, look for one that comes with specialized design.

Particularly, if you are taking care of big canines, you have to be careful in choosing for an effective containment system. The most applicable fence system for large dogs is the Stubborn Dog System wired fence.

As the name itself implies, it is not just intended for large dogs but for stubborn canines. It has an ideal fencing collar that assures every pet owner of safety and comfort for their dogs. And since it has been specified for big dogs, it can be easily concluded that it comes with greater strength compared to most of what you can have in the market. You can also use this dog fence system for Petsafe collar series. This is indication of its versatility regardless of the difference in dog’s sizes.

In fact, this system is not just stronger than other brands in the market. It is deemed as the strongest collar that is available for pet owners. You can easily see how efficient these collars are as they have three times level of strength compared to regular dog fence.

The strong collar is just one of the multiple advantages of Stubborn Dog System PIG00-10777. In addition to this, it also boasts its cost and convenience benefit for users.

Preferably, rechargeable batteries are used with this system. That’s why the collar is driven by typical nine-voltage battery that is very rechargeable. It is also eco-friendly. You would easily love this dog fence not only for your pets but also for your budget because the batteries can reach a life span of three months. There is also no difficulty in finding for its batteries in the marketplace. Meaning, you don’t have to search for specialty stores.

Stubborn Dog fence comes with heavy collar. It is also one hundred percent durable as well as waterproof. As other excellent dog fence system adheres to, the collar reacts to a signal coming from the transmitter.

With Pig00-10777, you won’t have to deal with surge problem. Why? This is because of the protector surge that is included in the product. As a result, users are well protected against surges and lightning strikes as well.

Another thing that makes this system admirable by many users is its multiple compatibly with other collars of in ground Pet safe series. The inter compatibility feature is very distinctive to electric systems. In brief, it is the best choice for those who have more than a single dog. This system is also known for being a good investment as it comes with reasonable price.

If there is a minor flaw of this product, it is its heavyweight collar. Although it is intended for strong and big dogs, it is possible for discomfort for your pet dogs.

In the end, if you have large canines, you should stop looking for other brands in the market. Pig00-10777 is already available and the only thing that you need to do is to purchase one. When you use this pet containment system, your stubborn dogs will be managed easily.