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Stay and Play Wireless Fence Review

Stay and Play complete set
Stay and Play Wireless Fence

Are you looking for a great investment with pet containment system? If so, you are lucky that there is an excellent option like Stay and Play Wireless Fence. This kind of dog fence is primarily developed in dealing with large dogs. Aside from that, it is also admirable for less active dogs.

This pet containment system is packed with small transmitter and collar. In connection to this, the collar which is wireless has been designed for canines that weigh over twelve pounds. As it is smaller in size compared with other collars out there, it has a measurement of six inches to twenty three inches. The design of the neck has been patterned to the neck curves of Stay and Play dogs system adheres to five levels of correction, from medium-high up to high correction level.


  • This new dog fence can be used with the older systems. Since the collar is very portable, you don’t need to stress yourself dealing with the wires.
  • Because of the collar design that is patterned with dog’s neck, pet owners can be ensured that their pets are comfortable in wearing the product.
  • Stay and play dog fence system is also a practical choice for many pet owners. Why? It is because of the rechargeable batteries. Aside from that, it is also economical- friendly.
  • All it takes is two hours to get the battery completely full of charge. With that, it can be used for about couple of weeks for regular usage. So when you come to think of it, you are not only keeping your dog safe and efficient but you are also a being a good steward of the earth.
  • Compared with other collar for dogs, stay n play comes with a stronger fence collar. This is because it is primarily created for large dogs. Developers have anticipated the possibilities with large canines and they have worked hard on every feature. Aside from large dogs, it also targets pets have low sensitivity.


  • If there is one major drawback of wireless fence, it is the possibility of wobbling. In this aspect, the wireless systems are deemed to be less efficient compared to ordinary ones.
  • The wobbling issues are possible with the boundaries. And it is understood that wobbling is a big problem for the dogs to decipher the structure of the boundaries. As such, it can cause trouble to some pet owners.
  • Large capacity is also a lost with wireless systems. Meaning, this dog fence can be taken advantage by those who have small properties.
  • The collar is not ideal in withstanding dangers that can be caused by water submersion.
Stay and Play Wireless Fence

In the end, Stay and Play Wireless Fence is perfect for canine owners who have small properties and for household renters as well. For places where in installation is not relevant, this is the best choice y of pet container for you.

With its spectacular features, who would not prefer to use this kind of pet systems? So, if you have large canines out there, teach your dogs what does it mean by obedience with the help of stay and play dog fence.