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Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100 Review

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pets away from any possible danger. Conversely, you are also shouldered with the task of keeping the people around you safe and unharmed by your dogs. The best way on dealing with the two cases is by using Perimeter Wireless Fence PWF-100.


  • One of the greatest features of this product is its large capacity. In fact, it comes with larger capacity than the other brands of dog fence in the marketplace.
  • This product is included in the most commendable system for having WI-FI collar that is water proof.
  • And to make the performance more favourable for many users, this dog fence system is powered by two batteries. If you have dogs that weigh over twenty pounds, features of this dog fence are ideal for you. This product also comes with battery hat is situated on the collar’s station base.


  • For maximized efficiency of this product, users can take advantage of its large capacity. Not only it focuses on single aspect but it works on two-fold communication system.
  • The best thing about the wireless dog fence can be achieved if you use it while your pets are still pups.
  • This electric fence system creates an audible alarm if your dog has challenged the boundary. As such, the system is a comprehensive tog fence in dealing with your pets
  • In addition to its dual fold communication, you can also gain an idea about the dog’s distance from the system transmitter. Users can still take advantage of this system even when the power is out. Thanks to the rechargeable batteries of this dog fence.


  • PWF-100 can only be used for two dogs simultaneously unlike other dog fences in the market that can contain quite larger number of pets. That’s why, if you have more than a couple of dogs, you might want to use other systems out there.
  • Given that it comes with larger capacity compared to other systems in the market, this capacity is not fully maximized for your dogs. Why? It is because of the stuffs that can affect the capacity of system. This includes the walls, metals sliding and other adversaries that consume significant space.
  • One of the biggest issues in using this product is its inconsistent boundary. This wireless system usually moves up reaching twenty feet with just a single minute. In addition to that, dead spots are also relevant.
  • Delayed corrections can also be possible with this kind of dog fence.


All in all, this electric dog fence possesses features that can work in your favour especially for pet owners who are dealing with couple of dogs at the moment. With the PWF-100, rest assured that your pups would enjoy running and playing into the system. However, this system is out if you have more than 2 dogs at home. In the end, it is always great that the first thing that you have to put in your mind when purchasing a dog fence is the safety not only of your pets but as well the people around you.