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Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Review

Rechargeable In-ground Fence complete set
Rechargeable In-Ground Fence

In-Ground Electric Dog Fences

Average Price: $199 – $239
Pros: small & rechargeable collar, 25-acre capacity, compatible with other PetSafe collars & pet barrier
Cons: exterior power button on collar, no battery backup
Best Uses: multi-dog households with toy breed or very small dog, properties over 10-acres


The Rechargeable In-Ground Fence is a very budget-friendly, versatile, and reliable dog fence option. In both size and strength, the collar is suitable for a wide range of dogs and it’s also rechargeable. The system has a generous 25-acre capacity, includes a surge protector, and features run-through prevention. This system is part of the In-Ground Fence series which means it is inter-compatible with other collars and the Indoor Pet Barrier.

Hands-On Review Versatile Collar

The collar on this system is pretty decent. The manufacturer claims it is safe for dogs as little as 5 lbs. but we think it’s too big and too strong for the smallest dogs. With it’s medium-low to high correction level range, we find this collar suitable for dogs from 10 lbs. For the really little or timid dogs you’ll want the dedicated small dog collar – the Elite Little Dog.

Compatibility With Other PetSafe In-Ground Fence Collars

Since this system is part of the PetSafe In-Ground Fence series, it is compatible with the other in-ground series collars, including the cat fence collar. If you’re a multi-pet household, this gives you the ability to mix and match collars to make sure you have the best collar for each of your dogs.

Compatible With Wireless Indoor Pet Barrier (PIRF-100)

If you need to keep your pet in or out of certain rooms of your home or off your furniture, the Wireless Indoor Pet Barriers are a good way to do that. Working with the fence receiver collar, the wireless barriers project a circular signal out that functions just like the boundary line of your electric dog fence. when your dog approaches, he hears a warning tone followed by a static correction if he continues towards the area.

4 Medium-Low to High Correction Levels

The Rechargeable In-Ground Fence collar offers 4 correction level settings ranging from medium-low to high. Even the lowest setting on this collar is not as low as the Elite Little Dog, but is suitable for most medium to small dogs. The higher end of the correction level settings is suitable for dogs up to about 150 lbs. The collar also offers a tone-only mode used for training.

External Power Button

One issue we have with this collar is the external power button. This button is easy to access and use but that also makes it susceptible to damage from scratching, rubbing, and rough play.

25-Acre Capacity

Capable of powering up to 5,000 linear feet of wire (roughly 25-acres of space), the Rechargeable In-Ground fence is suitable for most properties. This is on the higher end as far as transmitter capacities go. The Elite Little Dog uses the same premium transmitter that the retired PetSafe Deluxe system used. It’s reliable and easy to setup and use.

Run-Through Prevention

With most electric dog fences, the correction zone is finite. Usually anywhere from 5 to 10 feet wide in total. It’s important to keep the dog from going all the way through the correction zone and out the other side for two reasons: 1) They know they can get past the correction if they just bolt through as quickly as possible and 2) Once they are on the outside of the correction zone, they will be corrected if they try to come back home. PetSafe combats these run-throughs by implementing automatic progressive correction inside the correction zone. So the further you dog goes into the correction zone, the stronger the correction will become proportionate to how far into the zone they’ve gone. This automatic ramping is aimed at delivering a stronger correction if needed to keep the dog in the safe zone.

Rechargeable In-Ground Installation Supplies

Upgrade them if you can! Like most diy dog fences, the installation supplies included in the kit are disappointing. The cheap flimsy wire is prone to breakage and should ideally be replaced with a heavy duty 14-gauge wire.

Includes External Surge Protection

This system does come standard with external surge protection. A nice inclusion, especially for those who live in areas with lots of lightning activity. Electric dog fence surge protection is not the same as the surge protector you use in your home to keep your electronics safe. These specialized surge protectors have connections for the power supply and the perimeter wire and will kill power surges originating on the power main or the buried perimeter wire before they destroy the expensive transmitter unit.


This fence offers great value for money and is a solid option. The fence is reasonably priced and you won’t have the long term on-going cost of collar batteries.


A great fence for multi-dog households where you need the dedicated Elite Little Dog collar or Stubborn Dog Collar because they are compatible. Also our preference for properties too large for the YardMax (max 10 acres) or the Perimeter Deluxe Ultra (max 5 acres). If you don’t have this need, we prefer the YardMax at $60 more.