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D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1 Review

Looking for dog fence with unbelievable features? If so, one of the highlights of the marketplace is the D.E. Systems Border Patrol TC1. This dog fence is far better compared to other common do-it-yourself system and even other electric fences in the market. Comfort and safety is the dual core in the creation of this high performing dog fence system.


  • This product comes with an excellent temperature check intended to oversee the stability of the system especially during temperature changes.
  • For maximized functionality, the border dog fence system has been designed with wire check.
    The battery check allows you to monitor the battery every couple of hours.
  • It is designed with five programmable options for the correction levels.
  • It features linger-mechanism warning.
  • It has durable installation wires.
  • The patrol dog system also features surge protects.


  • The temp check enables the user to monitor the efficiency of the system with regards to t the temperature. In this way, they won’t have to spend so much time dealing with the temperature changes.
  • With the help of the wire check, users can still benefit from the functionality of this product even if there are damaged wires.
  • Since the correction is programmable to five options, you can fully optimize the system.
  • The eighteen gauge wire which is considered to be better than the 20-gauge one makes it a great investment for you if you prefer D.E. Systems Border Patrol dog fence system.
  • The anti-lingering excellent warning keeps off your dog from the particular warning zone. In connection to this, you can also minimize or even avoid draining the batteries.
  • With this dog fence, users won’t have to stress themselves worrying about surges. This dog fence comes with external sure protection features which keep the area safe against possible surges as well as lightning strikes.
  • The low capacity makes is it imperative that it is ideal for pet owners who have smaller properties.
    It allows you to easily check y the battery every after two hours.
Border Patrol from D.E. Systems


  • Since the GPS dog fence system renders small capacity, users can expect that it is only limited for pet owner who resides in small premises. If you have larger properties, this system is likely out of your list.
  • The distinctive features can be intimidating for beginners.
  • And since this product comes with new and unbelievable features, you would surely expect that the price range does not fall into the lower spectrum.

Undoubtedly, D.E. Systems Border Patrol dog fence slams other system when it comes to techy features. And these high end featured are not just hypes to the product. Instead, they are fully optimized to provide a distinctive functionality that is rare to majority of dog fences in the marketplace. So, if you are looking for a top grade fence system for your dog, purchase D.E. system and you will experience superb dog training at the end of the day. But to end, keep in mind that this system is relevant for those with smaller properties.