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Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115 Review

If you are in search for a high efficient rechargeable fence that is in-ground, the top pick is the Petsafe Yardmax PIG00-11115. This system is the premiere DIY fence that is driven by infinite zone technology. It works in tandem with the receiver. It also comes with many beneficial features such as the compatibly of the pet barriers and the collar fit. With the said and more benefits, it gains its top pick rank in the market.

The most favourable aspect of this dog fence system is the maximized space. Keep in mind that majority of the dog fences in the market works by transferring the signal on the perimeter Yardmax. With this in-ground fence system, the fence works by sending the signal away coming from the wire in single direction only. Meaning, it is on the wire that the correction will start. Also, the functionality of the premises will be maximized. As a result, you can make sure that your dogs will not go out of the correction zone.

For pet comfort purposes, the collars come in small size and lightweight features. Nonetheless, it has also remarkable strength for large canines as well as for dogs that manifest low sensitivity. The collar is made up of nylon strap that can be adjusted and replaced.

Pig00-11115 also comes with Yardmax transmitter that provides ease of use. This system is composed of small and unobtrusive transmitter to make it more comprehensive for many pet owners regardless of experience. You can set the transmitter to Yardmax or traditional mode depending on the layout or your preference. When it comes to the installation of this dog fence, the traditional mode is more commendable.

Since the system collar can be recharged, you will be spared from the annoying habit of replacing the collar. In this way, you will not experience getting stuck to dead collar. Plus, with just a couple of hours, the battery gets fully charged. For your convenience, the package also includes a charging adaptor.

The inclusion of the fit collar test is also a great add –on. This feature works automatically for the sake of the user. The structure beeps so that you will have an idea if the collar is well fitted thus comfortable for your dogs. This is the reason why it is most relevant for pet owners who own canines with long and thick coats.

In addition to the self-diagnostic fit test this in-ground system is also designed with installation supplies. This includes the thin grade wire contrary to most systems that have twisted wire.

It is also very compatible with pet barriers, especially the Petsafe Pawz. It can sever as little gate along with the collar similar to fence perimeter.

However, this system is less convenient or some users because of its DIY nature.

There is no doubt that pig00-11115 comes with better features than the older versions. This is a great recommendation for those with multi-dogs and most relevant for pet owners who have small yards.