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Havahart Radial-Shape 2 Review

Are you tired of dealing with your unruly dogs? Well, spare yourself from the hair-yanking hassles of keeping them on guard when people are around them. For your peace of mind, use Havahart Radial-Shape 2 dog fence system for your dogs.


  • This wireless fence is a Wi-Fi-themed system. As such, it composts of an excellent boundary stability which is a basic necessity in a wireless system.
  • It is manufactured with large capacity.
  • The collar batteries can be recharged making it an excellent choice for those who want to streamline their expenses in purchasing new batteries.
  • If you own two dogs at home, you can take advantage of this dog fence system.

Pros of Havahart Radial-Shape 2

  • The large capacity of this dog fence has been a constant source of favourable reviews for many customers. Having a larger training ground or your dogs is an imperative in dealing with your pets. As such, this product is one of the best systems you could ever have in this wireless fence. With the rechargeable batteries, there is no need for you to buy expensive sets of batteries in the market.
  • The inclusion of the fair boundary feature makes it a decent choice for consistent stability. As a result, obedience will be the first thing that your dog learns as they reach constant boundaries within the premises of the dog fence system.
  • It is perfect for people who own two dogs. If you are one of them, you can consider this product in your list.
  • The five levels of correction are excellent part of the system. This feature will surely work for the benefit of the pet owner.
Will Finley become a Havahart wireless dog?


  • Recently, one of the major concerns about the shape 2 system is the quality of its collar. This is the reason why the said feature has been consistently redesigned up to date.
  • Although the collars are of ideal size, it is not waterproof. Because of this, users should always beware with water contact.
  • The compartment of the battery is also deemed as one of the biggest drawbacks of radial. Similar to the system’s collar, the battery compartment is also consistently redesigned to make it favourable for many users.
  • It is not a good choice for those who want to use wireless dog fence for three, four, five… number of dogs. As it has been said earlier, this dog fence is only intended for two dogs.
  • Although the product is packed with an excellent stability, there is also an issue regarding its overstated collar radius. In addition, downward slopes and the lining sights are considered to be lost.


So, are you looking for an excellent dog fence at this point in time? If so, considering the Havahart system can spare you from ending up in unreliable brand in the market. In spite of the slight flaws of this wireless fence, you can count on its reliability. Not only that, you can also have it at reasonable price. You won’t want to miss the advantages of this dog fence, right? Because of this, choose Havahart Radial-Shape for your pet dogs.