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Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 Review

Are you spotting for an excellent in-ground containment system for your pets? Well, look no further because Petsafe Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 provides you the best option for your dogs. As everyone knows, a dog fence is very important tool in maintaining the safety of your dog especially in outdoor premises. Petsafe Elite PIG00-10773 is indeed a great choice of high performing fence.

Petsafe Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 comes with an idyllic collar perfect for dogs that weigh about eight to ten pounds. Keep in your mind that not every collar in the market is compatible with any size of dogs. With Petsafe Elite, it is highly commendable for wide varying sizes. It is also designed with receivers that are very highly compatible for Petsafe series. One of the greatest features of Elite Little Dog is that the collar is submersible on water.

Elite Little Dog complete set
Elite Little Dog review


  • Due to its compatibility with Petsafe receivers, it is an incredible choice for pet owners who own dogs of different sizes as well as temperament.
  • Since the collar is water-proof and can be submersed in water, there is nothing for you to worry in case your pet dogs run into the water. This feature is rare to dog fence system. Because of this, it is a lucky option for pet owners whose dogs love to jump to water for a good bathe. In this way, you can feel confident that the collar is still efficient amidst of the water.
  • Elite Little Dog renders inter-compatibility for many users. Meaning, you can use it to for any receiver of Petsafe lines.
  • In addition to the varying suitability, you can also make sure that each works well or the peace of mind that you can never have if you use other dog fence system out there.
  • Another advantage of using this system is that is very compatible with other pet indoor barriers. In this manner, this feature provides an effective opportunity to get the most of the system that are needed by many dog owners. Plus, there is no need for you to purchase new barriers in the market.
  • The lightweight collar also creates a comfortable fit for your beloved pet dogs


  • Similar to other pet safe systems, it is sometimes a daunting task to find for compatible batteries in the local store.
  • According to some opinion, the batteries of this dog fence do not have higher life expectancy than expected. Plus, the longer they are being used; the quality is also being lessened.
  • The price is quite costly. That is imperative as you expect from high performing pet containment systems like this.
  • There are many fence systems in the market. If you don’t have standard in choosing one, you will surely end up frustrated.
    To prevent this kind of misfortune, you have to defy ignorance. You should know what to look for in an efficient and safe dog system. To give you a brief idea of how quality is defined, experience it for yourself. Choose Petsafe Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 dog fence.