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Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 Review

Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 product set

Training a pet dog always entails lot of consideration. Why? Since you are dealing with the obedience of your dog, it is a requirement to use high grade dog training tools. One of the best systems you can use is the Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200. It is an excellent in-ground y dog fence that comes with ideal features for multiple benefits of dog owners.

Features of electric fence Ultra PT PCC200

  • This product has been designed with small collar receiver that is outlined with Comfort Contacts. Additionally, the collars are also tipped with rubber structure in addition to its gauge wire. As of the composition, this system is not designed with metal.
  • This high grade dog fence system is also created with two-fold frequency transmitters that enable the pet owner to opt for the ideal frequency in operating the system.
    Perimeter Ultra PT PCC200 is also made with advance designs. To make it economical for users, it also comes with rechargeable batteries.


  • Since this deluxe product has not been made with metals, it is considered safer than other dog fence in the marketplace. Unlike the other systems that can cause irritation to your pet when the collar has been used for long time, you can make sure of maximum safety and comfort for your dogs with this dog fence.
  • In dog training, it is very important that the frequency of the perimeter must be separated in order to break off from interference. With this underground dog fence, you can choose for the frequency that is ideal for the operation.
  • When you made the right choice to buy this system in the marketplace, you won’t have to worry about surges. Why? It is because this product is brilliantly created with surge protection features that maintain the safety of the house against the risk of lightning strikes and electric surges.
  • Because of the lightweight and compact features of this electric fence, your pets will surely feel comfortable wearing this. It is also the perfect dog fence for pet owners who have dogs with five to eight pounds. This is because the receiver has adjustable features.
  • Since this electric pet fence system is augmented with high end features, every pet owner can make sure of high performance dog training.


  • This product comes with rechargeable batteries. Unfortunately, it has been stressed out y that these batteries signify an inconsistent performance when it comes to its lifespan. Meaning, if the batteries are used for long time, they also decline in terms of performance.
  • This electric fence for your dog comes with five hundred feet of eighteen gauge wire. In connection, the dog fence can show poor performance. With this, it is recommended that you use fourteen gauge wires that are outlined with polyethylene if you want a maximized performance of this this fence system.


  • Although this basic automatic dog door system comes with tempting features, it is pretty important that you know all the details about product to come up with an efficient and safety dog training.