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Wireless PIF-300 Review

Dog safety is basically a crucial topic not only for the possible danger that they can acquire from various outdoor elements but also because of the untoward harm they pose to humans. For this matter, it is very important that pet dogs should be on guard all the time. Since you cannot afford to watch over your dog all day long, you need to use Wireless PIF-300 as pet containment system.


  • This wireless fence for dogs comes with a bulkier transmitter as compared to other new systems of dog fence in the market.
  • This system uses collar with medium sized. It does not have the same size with the smallest dog fence but it is not also as big as the bulkiest one in the market. The collar is compatible for dogs that have neck sizes of six to twenty eight inches. As of the weight, it can suit dogs that weigh eight pounds and lower.


  • You can use the system for newer versions of Stay & Play. In this manner, you can utilize the transmitter and the collar. When you add Stay & Play transmitter with the original transmitter, you can count on extended functionality of the system.
  • You will also find the rechargeable batteries beneficial for you because you don’t have to purchase too may batteries in the market. Not only that, you can also use it during brown outs.
  • You can easily determine if the battery is running low. This is made possible with the help of the indicator light.
  • PIF-300 dog fence utilizes tone-mode in addition to its five level of setting the correction strength. Because of this, it is very ideal for dog trainings. The user can set the level from medium up to high. Plus, it is also very easy to change the collar. All you need to do is to press the underneath button and remove the plastic-made cup.


  • One of the less beneficial aspects of this dog fence is battery disposal. Basically, you need to purchase RFA 67 PetSafe battery for the collar. Since the battery is distinctive from the other brands in the market, you might not find it easy to look for the said battery from the local store.
  • The battery is one of the major concerns of some users. While the battery y is used for long time, the quality also declines.

Since PIF-300 is a wireless dog fence, it is imperative that it is most relevant for those who have e small property and those who rent a house. It implies that if you own larger property, you might prefer one that renders larger capacity.

There are cases where in the boundary shakes which can cause significant distractions. What is the reason behind this?

This shaking is attributed to wobble issues. As such, the boundary area where your pet has been corrected will begin to fluctuate. As a result, your dogs might be confused. In this case, it would be a major problem on training your dog especially in dealing with boundaries,

If you want to maximize the functionality of this wireless dog fence, you have to use a stronger collar, better capacity and smaller transmitter. PetSafe has them all for you.